Some shit you do in the Hamptons, when youre just kickin it with ya homegirl Samantha Tufo puffing on some of that super funky skunky shit that you could smell all the way from the lobby at the St. Regis, brrrrah, ya dig??
*cell phone ring -whatss goood?*
- " Just lampin' in the Hamptons with my homegirl whos like, whhhhatts a hammmock??"
by Kayla Floa September 16, 2007
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(1.) verb - When a smoking device is losing smoke through any of its various holes (carb, mouthpiece, etc), giving the illusion of a genie leaving his/her magic lamp. May be specifically applied to Jeannie from "I Dream Of Genie" as a pop culture reference, although the reference does not come from Jeannie originally. (2.) verb - When a pothead is has no stuff and is in serious need of a hit; applied because the needy pothead in question wishes smoke was drifting from his/her nose and mouth like smoke from a magic lamp.
1. "Hit that piece quick--it's lampin'."

2. "Tommy ran dry last night, and has been lampin' ever since."
by the specter August 05, 2007
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Laying Around My Place. Basically to hang out and relax at home. Originally heard in Kanye West song "Get Em High
What are you doing on your day off?

- Oh just lampin. Might watch some netflix or shop online.
by justlampin September 10, 2018
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To sit in a populated area and admire the better looking members of society. With particular focus on the shapely curvature of the female bottom.
"What do you do in college between lectures?"
"Just chill with the biys lampin arse"
by Rhino Ket July 05, 2017
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