4 definitions by the snazz

Someone who is fresh, fly or dope. Someone with a style all their own who stands out from the crowd. Also, an affectionate name for a friend or relative.
"Look at that cat, he's the snazz."
"Hey snazz! What's up?"
by the snazz April 14, 2004
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see switches. activating hydraulics.
'...hittin switches in my six-four...'
by the snazz April 25, 2004
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words not generally accepted as proper english but too hot to keep down. an uncouth and rough manner of speaking. a dope style of speech that is way more fun than the way your english teacher tought you to speak.
snap! i'm not up on my ghetto slang-- i best hit up urbandictionary yo.

'drop it like it's hot? what does that mean?!' ahh dog, you know... it's just like, ghetto slang.
by the snazz April 24, 2004
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Synonymous with lampin. Layin' low, chillin' in the crib, not doing much of anything.
"...I'm lampin, I'm lampin, I'm cold cold lampin'" -Flavor Flav
by the snazz April 15, 2004
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