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Kind, sensitive, intellectual, and a deep thinker. Lamiya has a great sense of humor and when she's mean it's really mean, no joke. However, She always try's to do the best choice for others and herself. She dosent like to be the main center of attention much and same as other people, she is unique and tries her own way of things. She dosnt mind being recognized much, she feels great for just helping out, however sometimes she wants that attention. She's really an amazing and beautiful person on the inside and she knows it, yet she wont gloat.
Meaning of Lamiya- beautiful curls and dark lipped.
by Sunnynooo October 08, 2017
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She's probably the nicest girl you'll meet full of personality, but she has a mouth on her .Her mean streak is no joke but she is very lovable when she love she love hard , she's

Driven, attractive and independent
Lamiya is a little difficult but worth it
by JanaeGivens March 13, 2017
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A very nice girl who is innocent. She hates kpop because she finds it disgusting but I am trying to convince her to atleast admit BLACKPINK are pretty :) She makes people happy and she is a daddy's girl. If your Lamiya, ADMIT BLACKPINK ARE PRETTY.
Oof, that Lamiya girl HAS to admit BLACKPINK are ATLEAST pretty.
by btsislifetheyarentgay July 12, 2018
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Complete 2 sides. No, not two faced, more like complex and an intellect. A lamiya may be difficult to understand because of her duality, but she knows how to understand others really well. Kind,humorous, a deep thinker, and her mean streak is no joke. Her uniqueness captures peoples eyes from a crowd, her aura itself possesses dominance. A beautiful being, inside and out.
"Look at that lamiya there, wow!"

"she intrigues me, a lamiya of course!"
by jennyflowerys February 08, 2019
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She's pretty, they have big butts , and they can be annoying they are shy asf
My friend Lamiya butt is big
by Niahh September 06, 2019
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Lamiya’s tend to be a bitch want all the attention they can get. They also have the need to be better than everyone else because she can’t stand to be a loser. She doesn’t understand people and is always rude. Also she can be moronic at times. She is not trust worthy alway gets into drama. In the end she is a terrible friend to have and no one should be friends with Lamiya
Wow that Lamiya needs to think things out before she ends up with no friend.
by .??!:!!$$ November 04, 2018
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