Best basketball team in the NBA , beat their rivals, the Boston Celtics in 2010
"Are you going to the Lakers game tonight?

Hell yeahh, they are playing the 7th game against the celtics and of course they are going to win and take the championship."
by lakers2010champs June 26, 2010
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One of the weakest teams in the NBA now that they traded Shaq to the Heat. Kobe averaging 27 ppg, but that is pretty much it. He will leave soon, as will everyone else because coaching staff sucks ass. The fans, since they are a bunch of Hollywood pissants, will begin leaving.
Ever since the Lakers traded Shaq, they suck some serious dick.
by hawkdude56 April 23, 2005
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The Greatest and most envied team in the league, consisting of:
Kobe Bryant - The next Jordan
Shaquille O'Neal - The Most Dominant Ever
Karl Malone - The least selfish player in the league (Antonym: T-Mac)
All the kings fan wish the Lakers were up in Sacramento.
by kobe4prez July 8, 2004
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A bunch of weak ass babies that even by sub-par standers can only manage to perform at the level of a sub-par mediocre basketball team
The Fakers are nothing but a bunch of weak ass babies
by Nathaniel Lee Lewis June 13, 2004
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NBA Basketball team that think they're all that because of LA-THe Land of the Rich. Got swept by the Detroit Pistons during 2004 FInals. Team is run by egos and pride. Best players are a raper and an overgrown version of Shrek. Lost horribly because of Detroit's HOT defense, and teamwork. Lakers are individuals and ball hoggers.

Laker fans were confused to what happened to the Lakers when they LOST .. well guess what. Lakers aren't that great now are they?

Goes to show that fame and glamourous life isn't all that great.
What happened to the Lakers? They Suck! I'll tell you what happened to the Lakers! The Detroit Pistons happened to the Lakers!

Guess what Lakers? Our Full house (Tay, Ben, Rasheed, Rip, Billups) is better than your pair! (Shaq and Kobe)
by Rachel June 19, 2004
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