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A small town in Texas, specifically Brazoria County, containing less than thirty thousand people. The citizens there, referred to as Lake Jacksonites, think they are better than everyone else. In reality, they are dim little nimrods who "borrow" (STEAL) a majority of Brazoria County's budget for their own good.
(1. Hey, you're from Lake Jackson, TX? You're an asshole!

(2. That kid from Lake Jackson is going to grow up to be a person who steal from other small towns!
by tentwofour December 16, 2009
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A person that gets other people to appreciate the mildly spicy and cherry flavored soda of the south; all Dr. Pepperbefrienders worship every one of the twenty-three flavors at ten o'clock, two o'clock, and four o'clock.
I'm a Dr. Pepperbefriender, and I would like you to taste this tasty soda.

My buddy is a Dr. Pepperbefriender, he sparked my love of Dr. Pepper.
by tentwofour December 16, 2009
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