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When an online game lags (runs slowly) for a period of time, and automatically boots you from their servers to relieve some of the lag.

Lagging Out is most often found in private server MMORPGs, where a person is usually hosting more players than they can handle on their servers.

Lagging Out tends to leave many players frustrated at the game, and much complaining when they log back on.
"I can't believe I just lagged out! It's the 5th time today!"

"If that noob high alchs again we will all lag out..."
by thecrazycamper July 18, 2009
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1)When an internet connection (usually for gaming) is slowed to a grinding halt for the entire party of gamers because some other bastard's connection is too slow.

2)To be so tired that you fall asleep wherever an open space is available (usually in an awkward position). Lagging-Out usually happens after being punchy for long periods of time.
1)Oh man, I can't believe this! This guy on dial-up is totally making all of us lag-out! Kick him!

2)Dude: Hey man, do you want to go pick up chicks later?

Other Dude: Naw man, I just need to go home and rest. I'll probably drink about 2/3 of a bottle of Niquill and Lag-Out on my couch.
by Elysium9 December 22, 2008
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When an MMORPG game rudely logs you out due to a brief period of non-clicking.
I always lag out when I'm cybersexing with Dave!
by Hotty8 December 03, 2007
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1. Gamer gangster for getting tore up. See: Tore Up.
2. Slang, expressing the feeling of being unresponsive to the outside world, whether it be because of the effect of the SYRUP, PAINKILLERS, CIGARETTES, WEED, HENESE, VODKA, or just EVERYTHING.
I'm finna blast on some hoes til I lag out, tonight my nicka ya heard me?
by bostenGlhoeb July 06, 2011
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When you don’t want to say you are no longer interested in playing videogames with someone anymore. This is an easy saying to not be rude.
Yeah Im about to lag out, sorry guys. Good luck in the game.
by Snake145 March 24, 2019
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