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1)When an internet connection (usually for gaming) is slowed to a grinding halt for the entire party of gamers because some other bastard's connection is too slow.

2)To be so tired that you fall asleep wherever an open space is available (usually in an awkward position). Lagging-Out usually happens after being punchy for long periods of time.
1)Oh man, I can't believe this! This guy on dial-up is totally making all of us lag-out! Kick him!

2)Dude: Hey man, do you want to go pick up chicks later?

Other Dude: Naw man, I just need to go home and rest. I'll probably drink about 2/3 of a bottle of Niquill and Lag-Out on my couch.
by Elysium9 December 22, 2008

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(Derived from the word: Tasered)
1)V. (past-tense) When you get lead-on (teased) by someone you like for a while then they drop the bomp on you that they were just playing and it fucking hurts like hell.
Dude: So how'd it go with that chick?
Victim of Teasering: Man, she teasered me last night. I can't believe it!
by Elysium9 December 22, 2008

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