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Lael is a strong bitch. When she walks in the room everyone stares cause they wanna be just like her. She is pretty and can kick ass. She is smart and caring. She’ll always have your back. She’s a ride or die and she’s super loyal. Lael doesn’t need someone to have her back because she has her own. She’s independent and that makes her who she is. She can be funny, but sometimes she just annoying. It is easy to lose a Lael so try keep her cause you’ll always need a Lael.
When you need an R.O.D, get yourself a Lael.
by Tamia Jacobs May 17, 2018
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the name of a priest in the bible

can be someones first last or middle name
boy: damn that girl lael is fine
friend: yea she

narrator: and as lael the priest blessed the ceremony the best man barged through the door and said sorry im late
by Ls0383 December 22, 2015
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læl is a way of expressing laughter, as in lol. The only difference is o being replaced with the scandinavian letter æ. Some spell it lael because only scandinavian keyboards include the æ-button.

The two other scandinavian letters are øand å. Their order in the alphabeth is: ÆØÅ, and they're simply an extension to the all so known English alphabeth (A-Z).

John: Where did Willy go?
Mark: I guess he has to clean his room again..
John: læl
by Ronny André Løkken October 22, 2007
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A scintillating woman on a perpetual quest for a desert-like environment. Keeper of the good cookies.
If it weren't for Lael, I would have starved in this airconditioned hell.
by WarrenCenter February 15, 2005
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The cry of an excited nerd; it is usually exclaimed in a high pitched nerd voice.
I just got *insert nerdy thing here* LAEEEL!
by Jaku May 20, 2005
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laughing at erotic loser. got it from a friend here in sweden i see many people use it in counter-strike
by Zecon July 10, 2004
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