Labbing for competitive Madden gamers is going into practie mode aka "The Lab" and finding money plays and dominating blitzes or by playing unranked matches against friends to find plays and how to make hot routes that will dominate your opponent.
I was labbing for 3 hours and found 6 good nano blitzes.
by Tim Roettger January 28, 2009
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the state of working on a lab writeup which is all pain no gain
I was labbing last night, and I almost fell asleep
by GanDat September 24, 2010
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shortened-coloquialism for elaborating or an elaboration.
To elaborate the truth therefore to lie / be lying.

a. Verb: to lab; labbing
b. Noun: a lab.
a. John: I'm getting laid on friday!
Ryan: Quit labbing!

b. John: Kris told me he got head three times last night!
Ryan: Jeez, that's such a lab, you didn't believe him did you?
by Lou!s May 03, 2006
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