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League of eXtraordinary Gamers

Clan of enthusiastic Hardcore Gamers supporting Rune, COD, battlefield 1942 and Ultima Online
I am gonna frag on the LXG server and pwn those custom maps!
by Sir Cowchip February 08, 2005
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Definitely not the above definition. A crew which is renowned for its excellent tastes and refined manner, as well as its ability to bust caps in domes. For the person who made the above definition 1)Dont hate because you're not with LXG and, 2) Learn to spell 'extraordinarily' and 'Khalid' unless you meant to spell it like that in which case 3) Youre a stupid numbnut queer whose grammar and spelling rivals that of other stupid numbnut queers. Somehow I feel that the above definition was an inside job.
Man that guy who made the above definition is definitely not LXG material. He lacks refinement, grammar, and TESTICLES.
by Gene Thornton March 23, 2003
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Kahlid: Yo g, you hitting up lxg tonight?
Koki: Shit no, I'm not that gay
Kahlid: You were last night holmes
Koki: Shoot son, you got me there
by Anonymous March 02, 2003
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A club, group, or social gathering in which only male memebers are accepted. At the "meetings" the memebers partake in blatantly homosexual acts upon one another. I.E. the occasional "butt plug","rim job", "gangbang", "foot-massage" or just tag-team a fellow memebers groupie girlfriend. These memebers are usually below the age of 21 and struggle nightly with their homosexuality, and alcoholic tendencies. I.E. drinking an extract to obtain low levels of drunkeness. BE WARNED AVOID THESE MEMBERS AT ALL TIMES THEY MAY TRY TO PULL YOU DOWN INTO THEIR EROTIC WEEKEND LIFESTYLES.
"Hey, look at the scum sucking rim-job boomers the L.X.G.'s"
by Jimmy Jackson May 22, 2003
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