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an acronym meaning 'live with it'. Most commonly used when telling someone something that they might reject.
iluvcats101: wuts ur numbah?
xxx_maybe_xxx: not telling you. lwi.
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acronym for Lesbian While Intoxicated

A woman who is physical with other women only when drinking or drunk. A common behavior exhibited by a woman interested in experimentation without the responsibility of commitment. "Sorry, I was drunk" provides a convenient excuse for avoiding undesired physical, emotional, and mental interaction with women once sober. Being an LWI also allows the woman to either maintain heterosexual status or claim she is bisexual if that suits her needs. This behavior is seen frequently when a straight woman is trying to please a man who would like to be in a threesome with another woman.
Example 1
Jane: I didn't know Diane was into girls.
Sally: She's not.
Jane: Then why was she making out with that hot chick at the club last night?
Sally: She only does that when she's drunk. Her boyfriend John likes watching her with other girls.
Jane: What an LWI!

Example 2
Judy: I think I'm going to ask Sarah out on a date. We had such a fun time last night.
Tanya: Don't bother. Sarah only goes downtown after doing jager shots. She's a total LWI.
by craftyskwrl April 12, 2010
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An acronym that stands for 'live with it', the short form for 'you are going to have to live with it'. It is most often used in writing, such as on msn, skype, facebook, sms and other such forms of modern written communication. It can also be said out loud in a cryptic or ironic referal to its written counterpart.
The meaning of the acronym can be compared to 'deal with it'. It is often used to expres contempt towards people who want more information than they are given (example 1) or who are angry or upset by something (example 2), by telling them they must accept what you tell them or what happened without further nagging or moaning. It is used especially when said person has been bothering you for a long time or with something unimportant.
The expression can be softened by adding 'ok?' to your statement (example 2) for when a person is annoying, but you also feel slightly sorry for them.
The use of the acronym 'lwi' started in the USA and in the Netherlands around the same time; it has spread far and wide since. Some people use the acronym incorrectly in its capital form ('LWI'). That is however a mistake; the acronym should at all times be in lower case.
example 1:
A: 'What happened?'
B: 'Not gonna tell you'
A: 'Oh come on!'
B: 'lwi'

example 2:
A: 'How can she say that!?'
B: 'I dunno...'
A: 'Oh come on seriously! That's just-'
B: 'lwi, ok?'
by Soofje May 02, 2011
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