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Acronym for "Leave The Bastard". Commonly used on the Mumsnet site.
Wendy: Last night I cooked dinner and my DH said that he enjoyed it but the vegetables were cold. Now I feel angry. What should I do?
Dawn: LTB
by MavicChen April 13, 2017
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Lift the balls. When you ask your significant other to lift your ball sack from your taint. This allows you to air out your balls with a cool fresh breeze of air. Typically, LTB is performed while you are laying down on your back.
Just came home from a long day at work, laid down on the bed and told my girl, "LTB."

When my balls get sticky or sweaty, I just say the three letters, "LTB."
by Get_low July 25, 2011
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"lund teh buhj"

this phrase was invented by Karmveer Johal from Sacramento, Ca.

it means fuck my dick

it can also mean hit my dick

Bhupy: So what you doin?

KJ: LTB, nigga!

Aman: hahahaha

Bhupy: Which one?

by Bhupinder Singh January 02, 2008
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Lunch Time Brew's

Students who are board of High school at lunch, go out and have a couple of beers to spice up the day.
"Hey man, wanna go have some LTB's??" "Yeaahhh Buddy!"

"You boy's go for some LTB's?" "The most LTB's!"
by new-pac September 21, 2011
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Abbreviation for 'lick the balls'. Used to express contempt or the lack of desire to answer a question.
Joe: Hey, why do you always do that?

Sam: LTB, bitch.
by radio November 24, 2003
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LTB is an acronym for "low traffic bathroom". This is usually used in reference to bathrooms in public places, such as airports or convention centers.

LTB's are a desirous commodity, in that they provide one with a stench free place for defication, contemplation, urination, and mediation.
All the stalls in the first floor bathroom are full, and there are hobos performing handjobs in the second floor bathroom. The bathroom behind the kitchen next to the janitor's closet on the fifth floor is an LTB.
by the speckled badger February 25, 2011
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