An alcohol induced metamorphosis affecting insecure, overweight, unbathed, culturally and sexually confused pretending to be young but actually old, gay chinese males. During this metamorphosis the ability to rationalize or comprehend the enviroment around them is completely perished. The affected will begin throwing a child like tantrum which may include emotional outbursts, destruction of property, transfixion on a particular issue, crying, and partial nudity. becoming the bastard is irreversible until the afflicted has completely sobered up and undergone proper rest. typically the bastard sufferers memory will be erased the following day and they will not recall the episode despite evidentual text messages and multiple witnesses at the scene.
"i'm tired of being the bastard" followed by smashing of jack daniels bottle.

"oh i'm not allowed on your table huh? oh well i might just try and BREAK IT!" while jumping on a table.

*crying profusely* followed by pants falling down.

*being a 95% homosexual*
by stuart prince November 27, 2011
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A term used to describe a retarded bastard.
Man, Tom is so bastarded.
by niggakooch August 19, 2009
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Besides the usual usages of a child born out of wedlock and a suitable name for someone you don’t like, there are other meanings as well. At one time it was used to refer to a hybrid device or one adapted from one purpose to another; in 1517 it was used to refer to second rate Spanish Sack wines and in engineering it refers to a type of coarse-toothed file.
“Shit! What a bastard!”
What do you mean?”
Take your pick.”
by AKACroatalin February 12, 2016
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bas-tard-ize (Verb)

1. To diminish the quality or character of;

2. To declare or name someone a bastard; illegitimize

3. To fuck something up; completely ruin it.
I usually like cover songs, but they really bastardized a classic.
by invisibleninjas August 11, 2009
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1) The process of making something illegitimate
2) The process of bringing something to a form which is not as good as the one it was in before, i.e. the language glorified by
by Kevin Smith January 2, 2004
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when someone makes something more douche-like than it was before
'fo shizzle my nizzle' is a bastardization of 'fo sheezy my neezy' which is a bastardization of 'for sure my nigga' which is a bastardization of 'i concur with you whole-heartedly, my african-american friend'
by deziree February 24, 2007
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A term used to describe someone who disregards other people in pursuit of their own self-interest. Usually includes the acts or act of lying, spreading mis-information, covering one's own ass at the expense of others, or employing other forms of bullshitting.
"The day I broke up with my girlfriend, my roomate told her she would have been better off with him instead of me. He's such a bastard.
by Truthtellerunc April 19, 2010
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