Long Slow Distance
A training method for runners.
He did lots of LSD before the big marathon.
by bittersweet January 21, 2005
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the_cia's mind control drug
it was sort of unleashed on the unsuspecting populace in an attempt to brainwash them into becoming satanists,etc.

it appears to have been very effective as the world is now filled with FUCKING assholes
by o)O picasso January 08, 2005
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May be taken anally along with Satan's penis while attending Church of Satan service or public schooling.
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A phrase used by students attending Northern Michigan University in regards to the shrinkage of the male organ after taking a dunk in icy cold Lake Superior; Lake Superior Dick
"I went cliff jumping outside of Marquette and got LSD."
by Mike Arendt January 23, 2004
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Log Squeeze Dilemma

(When to go to the toilet)
Pete: Hey Geoff I've got a bit of an L.S.D. Do I go to the toilet before of after the match?

Geoff: Oh be on the safe side and pop one out now...
by Wluka July 30, 2008
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