Leaky Penis Syndrome - Where no matter how much you shake, rattle, rock and roll the last drop of pee doesn't come out until you put your pants back on.
Dude, why are your pants wet?
LPS man.
I hear that. High five.
by Swiad To Black November 2, 2007
Little Penis Syndrome, when a man buys a hummer he's trying to make up for what he doesnt have in his pants.
*hummer drives by with man in i*
"Op... That guy has LPS"
by Axxereen July 13, 2009
Levatating Penis Syndrome, when in a car or while high and one feels their penis "levatating" up and down, usualy stimulating a tingling sensation.
Whoa, I contracted LPS from that hill in the road!
by ph0o BHS Tennis December 2, 2010
Local Paki Shop - Refers to a corner shop ran by a Middle Eastern family or person.
- I need a drink man!

- The LPS is Round the corner, go there.
by Dude Man 123 April 6, 2009
Liquid Power Shit- a form of crap that is liquid and shoots out of your butthole. noramlly not a comfortable occurence.
I had a totally bad case of LPS in the bathroom.
by gjkgjkg April 20, 2008
LPS (Le Parti Stupide) THE STUPID PARTY. LPS is a commonly used name for the GOP , especially its Fox News faction .
I can't believe the LPS is 50% Birther
by Goodtwitty September 1, 2015
1) (n) Long Play, a nine or ten song regular tape.

2) (n) A vinyl record.
1) Get that Tupac LP right quick

2) Im lookin for some Eazy-E LP's
by ac January 31, 2004