Lonely means, someone who is alone most of the time. People who are Lonely have no friends. Someone like me, I am lonely, with no friend. People who are Lonely, are nobody.

(Pls like this so I can get a friend.)

I am so Lonely. Can you hang out with me?
by MochiYT🍵✨ January 08, 2021
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The worst feeling in the world. Can be caused by being rejected by some one you have a crush on or love.
sigh. im so lonley. nobody loves me!
by kazamitsme! March 04, 2008
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Playing Kahoot by yourself
im Lonley, wait no one is here so i shouldn't be talking anyways, i'm just gonna play Kahoot by my self
by hixavier1009 January 12, 2021
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the funniest band eva... from snl. sang the songs i on a boat, and i jizzed in my pants. funni stuff!!!! hehehe
I'm on a boat (I'm on a boat)
I'm on a boat (I'm on a boat)
Everybody look at me 'cause I'm sailing on a boat (sailing on a boat)
I'm on a boat (I'm on a boat)
I'm on a boat
Take a good hard look at the motherf**king boat (boat, yeah)

-lonley island
by erinrox,ray April 19, 2009
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If you call yourself "The Lonley Gamer" or someone calls you that, end your life. Fuck you and your existence, your a cunt and no one gives a shit about you
Look at The Lonley Gamer, what pussy like amirite
by Scaryguyz2113 September 18, 2016
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