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(n). the funniest place on earth. the streets are filled with children drinking lolmonade and lollygagging in the parks
Son- "Dad, you seem down"
Dad- "I am, your mother just left me for my father."
Son "I know what will cheer you up, let's go to lollywood"
by Ranny Ram January 14, 2010
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Lollywood is the film industry for pakistan.

the lollywood film industry is in the city of lahore in the state of punjab.
a lot of people say that lollywood copys bollywood yes that is true but bollywood copys hollywood and so on so everyone copys eachother.

lollywood is pakistans film industry.
by xxxAznPriDeUKxxx August 05, 2004
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Derived from combining LOL with Hollywood to denote the stupidity of media conglomerate movie making business tactics and the active, conscious dumbing down of filmmaking and audiences. Essentially, putting spectacle over filmcraft and media ethic. Anything the "big 6" in control of Hollywood does, most of it being stupid.

History: coined by movie director Jessica Mae Stover on her blog about filmmaking and "@JSto" Twitter feed.

Stover also uses synonyms: LOLmovie, LOLfilmmaking to denote similar infractions and absurdities
Newspaper headline: "In development: 'Girl With the Dragon Tattoo' and 'Let Me In'...
JSto: "In development?! If you're going to watch it, watch the actual films and not the dumb Americanized LOLlywood versions being plotted"

LOLlywood Producer: Hey I'm going to jagoff to Variety's announcement of my new film, Wild Wild West II!

Director: I have the rights to 'The Lord of the Rings'.

LOLlywood Exec: Great! We have a contract with Vin Diesel, he can play Gandalf!
by Dwarfin September 09, 2010
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