Originally created in Hong Kong, taking the similar pronunciation of China in another form: a big piece of land deed. It's an Asian racist term which has an extremely high usage referring to the Mainland Chinese, especially of those who has tons of bank rolls come from nowhere to burn without any logics and knowledges. Mostly use in a high immigration areas for them to gain easy citizenships like any big cities in North America and Australia.

In certain Asian communities, especially whereas Hong Kong immigrants reside, the term "big 6"can usually been heard.

Other places you can spot any big 6s including any fashion stores, jewellery stores, casinos, high end automotive dealerships, real estate industry......etc.

Also their outfits are extremely to recognized: lots of designers' brand names cover the entire bodies. As long as the price tag is the most expensive, they will consider it's a good thing to own without any efforts.
Fucking hell! That big 6 got another Mclaren? So sick.....

Dude that big 6 just lost another 100k in a hand, 30 mins ago he just changed 200k.

Sales rep: "How may I assist you ma'am?"
Big 6 mom: "Give me the entire roll of this collection of Chanel, 2 each per style, pay by cash."
by pink_cooler December 28, 2016
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