Lahore is one of the cxiting city of Pakistan which is situated in Punjab Province.. The land of brave hearts full of glory an history and famouse for hospitality
"You Haven't Lived Until You Have Visited Lahore"
"Lahore is the city which never sleeps"
"The city of food and lights"
by Darkness of Lahore September 26, 2007
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it hasnt been a long time that this word is being used, but it means "Montreal" or "64". Can also be written as 'Lahor'.
1:I'm from Lahore, bro
2:So you're from Pakistan?
1:Nah bro im from Montreal
by L0K0 December 18, 2016
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A city in Pakistan whose name is half English and half French.
It'll be AT LEAST a couple days before I head back to Amsterdam. I know -- I'll go to Lahore!
by rapmasta February 27, 2004
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Lahore is the cultural hub of Pakistan, the city of gardens and food rich in flavors. In it reside the most hospitable people. It’s the city that never sleeps, always buzzing with life.
A common phrase translated into the English language is:

“He who hasn’t seen Lahore hasn’t seen the world.”
It is also the industrial centre of Pakistan. Citizens of Lahore are always on their toes up to date with the latest trends. Track suits are lounge wear and rarely worn in public. Like I said always on our toes!
Where you from?

Lahore or Karachi?

“Lahore Lahore hai” which means Lahore is Lahore or home is home
by NotACoconut June 01, 2020
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A punjabi girl who puts out. A pun on Lahore, the cpoital of Punjab province in Pakistan
Jaskiran is a total lahore! She hooked up with Harkaran last night and he says she took in the butt from him!
by Rebecca the Bathyspshere July 09, 2011
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