Laughing my off ass.
by Mahny October 25, 2017
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LMOA that was so funny!
by Vahu Bali April 26, 2021
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It's dyslexic for LMAO "laughing my ass off"

Basically just a typo...
Person A: babaoeroy is suh funy y mem lmoa
Person B: lmao you having a stroke?
by Wyattagum October 26, 2020
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An intentional misspelling of the common acronym “lmao” used in a facetious manner.
Hey sorry I couldn’t attend the funeral I was playing multiplayer civilisation online and couldn’t pause lmoa
by Who ate all the cheese March 1, 2018
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Abbreviation for Laughing My Obese Ass

Originating in some kind of msn convo as a typo and then spreading like aids, lmoa is somehow derrogatory for the user himself/herself, like you use it when you try to call yourself fat. It's theorized but not proven that fat emos use this term frequently.
kevo: woah i can hear thunder
I_L1K3_2_e@t_c@k3: its my chair shaking while im lmoaing
kevo: WTF
I_L1K3_2_e@t_c@k3: yeh lmoa, mm chocolate fudge is delicious
kevo: stop eating
I_L1k3_2_e@t_c@k3: lmoa
I_L1k3_2_e@t_c@k3: ARGGGH i just cut my own cake into 2 pieces that was painful.
kevo: ....
(kevo is now offline)
by k3v0_ August 31, 2009
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When you have an opinion and people attack it

Person 1: Pineapple on pizza is good
Person 2: no you’re being stupid

Person 1: lmoa
by Hampus Kmark March 18, 2021
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When some is trying to write Lmao, and accidently write Lmoa.
Brian Dono can't spell Lmao!!! Lmoa!!!
by Turtbag February 19, 2016
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