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Laughing My Fucking Ovaries Away
Girl: OMG, i believe in big bang
Guy: you are such a korean wannabe but w/e LMFOA
by bigbangxD December 28, 2009
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Quite simply an idiot who was typing to fast and mistyped lmfao...... Message to them... SLOW THE FUCK DOWN!
Boy 1: I just saw Jimi Hendrix on MYSPACE OMGOMSOMGG!! I thought he was dead!
Boy 2: LMFOA
by Jaydeeee December 20, 2006
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Kinda like LMAO (laughing my ass off) or LMFAO (laughing my FUCKING ass off) but for more sad people who crave death. This acronym means, Laughing My Fucking Oxygen Away.
Theoline: Wow, LMFOA. I really just sang highschool musical sonsg while cleaning. What has my life come to??
by bennybapelin November 28, 2017
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LMFOA: Laugh My Fucking Ovaries Allovertheplace.

It is used when something is overly rediculous and wildly funny, so funny you laugh your ovaries allovertheplace.
Pauline: You are my brother and my potential lover!

Francis: OMG, LMFOA!! That's really disturbing.
by Mischeivious January 07, 2010
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