little spoiled brats who think they can get away with anything
I said no to them little fuckers (J&P), so they went behind my back and asked their mother. THEM LITTLE FUCKERS!!!
by AIRLOS August 8, 2007
1.A little dumb kid, A little asshole who generally doesn't listen to his/her parents,A kid who should go die/run away from home and never come back. 2. A prick who is small in height.
1. You little fucker!!! Go clean your fucking mess.
2. Your a little fucker! Go Shove your two inch dick up your mom's ass!
by I be chillin January 15, 2009
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A term of endearment for someone familiar, sometimes for a companion animal whose behavior is generally amusing.
Oh Max, you are such a funny little fucker!
by Dr Bunnygirl October 23, 2019
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something or someone soo slimy they just fly out of your hands
omg did u see that kiwi fly across the salad bar that was one slippery little fucker
by team produce September 11, 2010
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Someone who has said or done something that would be considered as creepy.
Logan really is a creepy little fucker isn’t he.
by RedPheonixWitch July 6, 2018
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They are Tiny naked slippery babies that run all over your walls
That's it i'm going to catch those little fuckers that keep running all over my house
by BreadTaken January 11, 2021
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