LIGMA is part of the BOFA spectrum of conditions. LIGMA (Loose Internal Gene Mi-Asintits) is the second stage of BOFA (Biologically Offset Farkwonian Asintits). In this stage, the disease interferes with the immune system and increases the risk of developing common infections such as tuberculosis. Given the weakened immune system, many of the patients, such as popular Fortnite streamer Ninja, die on this stage of the Biologically Offset Farkwonian Asintits (BOFA). It is also the last treatable stage. Although not effective, there are treatments to LIGMA: LIGMA-BALLS (Bi-Asonurdick Lateral Lactatioustits Sequence) that, even though it's experimental, have shown some promise. With stopping the spread of BOFA at the LIGMA stages, it can stop patients from going into the third and final phase of the BOFA sequence: E-TMA (Entrenched Terminal Mi-Asintits)
"RIP Ninja. At least he died of Ligma and not E-TMA"
"Yea. Did he at least try the LIGMA-BALLS procedure?"
by User80085 July 20, 2018
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A horrible disease that is uniquely carried in the blodlines of virgins who play fortnite, such as Ninja
Guy 1: Hey, what happened to that one fortnite player on twitch?

Guy 2: He fucking died of ligma dude.

Guy 1: . . . . Awesome.
by DewyProSeries August 3, 2018
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LIGMA fokken balle disease is airborne highly infectious bacteria that currently affects or has affected 85% of the US population, LIGMA is capable of cross species infection including humans,apes and avians . LIGMA'S symptoms usually include hypoxia, heart palpitations, skin lesions, blue hair, necrosis, fever and paralysis. LIGMA has a mortality rate of nearly 90%, there is currently no known cure for LIGMA. LIGMA was discovered on January second 2015 but it was only spreading in Madagascar so no one cared. Active cure research and high awareness for the disease was truly raised when popular fortnite} streamer ninja was diagnosed with LIGMA, ninja died shortly after diagnosis.
person1: hey man do you know why ninja died?
person2: yeah i heard he died of LIGMA.
by mr_dehjkli July 23, 2018
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Everyone here might be like. Hahah ligma balls, no. Ligma is a serious condition that causes things u can’t even imagine. Have u ever broke a bone. It’s actually because the ligma virus attaches to your bone and when you hit your bone in a certain way it breaks it. It can also develop into SUGMA witch is very rare. The government makes us believe ligma is a joke but it’s not. Anyone who gets it is secretly treated by the FBI every night. Also doctors say people die of old age, NO! When your born you have a ligma cell in your body that grows throughout your life. Sometimes it grows a little to fast and you die younger than others, it depends. This is not a joke. When they said Ninja died of ligma they were not joking. He died of ligma and the FBI overnight treated and did surgery on him to revive him and erased his memory so he said I didn’t die of ligma. From now on if something is up and It hurts blame it on ligma because it’s coming for us all and we don’t even know it.
Ninja died of ligma and the next day denied it.
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LIGMA (Scientific name : Fornitenius virgonetis, publically-known name : Loose Internal Gene Mi-Asintits), also known as "The Fortnite Virus" or "Virgin Sickness" is a very deadly pathogen virus which causes exgreme damage to every aspect of the living being. They are believed to be in the same family spectrum as BOFA (Scientific name : Dreggius nutineies, publically-known name : Biologically Offset Farkwonian Asintits), or one stage higher. The disease causes extreme disruption to the immune system, and causes many complications in organs. The pathogen virus is extremely deadly, calculated to be over 557x worse than Ebola.

No one is sure whether the virus was created or a mutation of other virus, but we do know that the virus started spreading when the Fortnite streamer "Ninja" was killed by the virus. This event started the LIGMA outbreak. The virus can spread rapidly in a matter of seconds, but one weird aspect of the virus is that it only affects virgins, and non-virgins are completely immune to it. Although the virus still exists out there, the outbreak has been mostly contaminated by a scientist named Prof. Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, Ph. D.

The effects that LIGMA bring is still widely a mystery, but it is known that a person infected by it can die in the span of two days, and in some cases even a matter of seconds. There are currently no vaccine preventing the virus. But, although not effective, there are treatments to LIGMA that are untested.
"RIP Ninja, he died of LIGMA."
"Poor him, did he atleast tried the LIGMA-BALLS procedure?"
by 13LettersName October 7, 2018
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A horrible disease that is carried in the blodlines of virgins who play fortnite, such as Ninja
MIKE OXLONG: ............Awesome
by [insert user here] January 22, 2022
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