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Like, duh, obviously. A new popular acroynm spreading like wildfire through internet message boards.
Bob:"ScarJo is hawt"
Harry: "LDO"
by BBV4life4lyfe March 03, 2007
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Acronym for Last Day of Shift - The TGIF alternative for people who work shift work.
So glad its LDOS... I need a break.
by TheBromf November 24, 2011
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Old British theatrical expression for "landlady's daughter obliges". Written in the guest book of theatrical digs to inform new (male) guests of the house's potential for erotic conquest.
A fine establishment where there is an excellent cup of tea and LDO.
by champjimmy April 16, 2011
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Last Day Of School. This can be used for high school seniors, college graduates, or even middle school graduates (but does that really count?). This is typically used on calendars or in sms format.

Brenda: Yeah. Don't ever say that in public again.

Abby: But LDOS!

Brenda: Last day I ever spend with you....
by jimenarocker May 06, 2009
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