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Lesbian 1: I saw Lesley with a dude at the mall!
Lesbian 2: Yuck! That's totally LDM gross!
by LESBIANONFIRE April 03, 2016
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The act of laughing so hysterically you almost feel like dying. Commonly used among friends during conversations.
Please don’t...LDM. Later my dad will think I’m crazy.
by Batsy89 April 01, 2019
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lesbian, dirty, mop
when a boy thinks they are cool and hot and the shit, but really.....
they walk like a lesbian
hair is a dirty mop
and they manipulate to make girls like them

but talk shit abt them behind her back

they think they are THE ABSOLUTE SHIT
but all girls (and nice boys)

hate him.
Girl 1: that guy is kinda hot over there
Girl 2: na kids a dick personality makes him ugly he looks like a L.D.M
Both: (laughing out loud)
by ASMF March 26, 2019
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