The cup or cups of coffee that stimulate a bowel movement.
"A little backed up this morning--better quaff me some Coff-O-Lax."
by JackNoxious March 14, 2022
don't fret, wait and it will get better, don't get worry lines, it's not that important so don't let it get to you, be super cool, not easily ruffled.
Yes, the police stopped you for no reason, but chill-lax and you will be okay.
A word I heard on a show

Where you chill, and relax
by Artistic nerd October 20, 2022
It is when the police do not thoroughly practice accountability.

The LVMPD knew about ED BUCK'S the politician DRUG den but no accountability at the HOMOSEXUAL BATH HOUSES OR DEJA VU both locatiions , FANTASY WORLD, and ADULT SUPERSTORE for RAMPANT drug use.

The LAPDOG ZOMBIE and SWICHERRUES are a barrier to accountability by the POLICE.
The LVMPD quipped about me chasing a roommate with a 10 inch knife when I was the VICTIM at WYNN and SPRING MOUNTAIN which because of their LAX POLICE AUTHORITY I had no trust for HENDERSON POLICE either because the T-SHIRT I had not warn yet was botched which precipitated the attack and in turn I lost a lot of money , assets and my very home I had found.

The drugs being disregarded appreciably by LVMPD having LAX POLICE AUTHORITY has led more often to even more violent outcomes in this jurisdictions and others around the UNITED SYATES as a big example CLEVELAND OHIO.

The LAX POLICE AUTHORITY loses an incentive with RACKETEERING behavior as the LAPDOG ZOMBIE AND SWITCHERRUES are a real good example of their RACKETEERING.
An amazing girl who you should never want to lose. May seem happy on the outside but also on the inside is feeling sad. A friend who will always be there for you no matter what. Will also help u when you are sad and make sure your happy. She’s also a stunning, pretty, and hot girl and every boy wants her.
#1 -Did u see that girl over there?
#2- who Gabby Lax?

#1- ya, I want to be her!
by Becca Roberts April 24, 2019
short for laccrose
Hey Carter are you going to watch the lax game?
by blackhonduras April 19, 2018
many people relate lax to the airport but it's also the word for salmon in swedish
"jag älskar verkligen lax"
"i really love salmon"
by ey yo boy March 22, 2018