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gankles are what happens when cankles get out of control.

basically the "gunt" and the "cankles" merge into a larger more menacing form of fatness called "gankles"...

expressed mathmatically it is:

(gut + cunt) + (calf + ankles) = gankles
dude, what the hell happened to her? i mean she used to be not bad with just cankles but now she's got gankles for god's sake! her lower body has become one huge continuous set of gankles!
by stoneyface December 05, 2009

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L7 is 69 for two girls, or 2 guys. originally coined to differential between gay and straight 69
oh, this is a great movie. there is an awesome L7 scene in it.
by stoneyface May 25, 2010

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