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With an authoritative voice and calm demeanor, this ever popular korean singer has grown into one of the most respected figures in modern korean singing.
also very squisshy very very squishy
"if God, morgan freeman, and a saxophone gave birth to an illegitimate child, you would have kyungsoo's voice it is that beautiful"
by sunglasses emoji November 19, 2013
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Do Kyungsoo, a well-known South Korean singer and actor. He's the main Vocal of the boygroup Exo.

He was born January 12, 1993 and currently signed under S.M. Entertainment
Person 1: Do you know Do Kyungsoo?
Person 2: Yes, I love his voice.
by Oh Sehun November 16, 2014
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who does this shithead think he is? anyways he is a hot talented korean male with big dick energy soaring through the roof. through the walls of the females cervix we present, Do Kyungsoo. take those sony bluetooth headphones, take ur fat fucking pregnant stomach, put those bad boys on, play some boyfriend live cover by Kyungsoo on there and vollia! u got quadruplets
Someone: "Hey? Do you know Kyungsoo?"
Me: H-

Someone whom've I said one word to ever: Yes, she loves Kyungsoo. SHE'D DIE FOR KYUNGSOO. hell let them rejoice. Kyungsoo is the resurrection of God himself. Thy is God.
by kyungs July 04, 2018
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