With an authoritative voice and calm demeanor, this ever popular korean singer has grown into one of the most respected figures in modern korean singing.
also very squisshy very very squishy
"if God, morgan freeman, and a saxophone gave birth to an illegitimate child, you would have kyungsoo's voice it is that beautiful"
by sunglasses emoji November 20, 2013
Do Kyungsoo, a well-known South Korean singer and actor. He's the main Vocal of the boygroup Exo.

He was born January 12, 1993 and currently signed under S.M. Entertainment
Person 1: Do you know Do Kyungsoo?
Person 2: Yes, I love his voice.
by Oh Sehun November 16, 2014
A no-lifer who has no relationship experience and normally chooses 2D girls over 3D girls. Is addicted to hentai and has a surplus of lewd body pillows.
This guy is a kyungsoo, he definitely has no girlfriend.
by TeslaKawaii April 25, 2020
The effect that occur when kpop group EXO member Do Kyungsoo inhale oxygen and brings all fanboys and fangirls to the yard. His overloaded cuteness and orgasmic voice cause many fangirls' vagina weep and cause occasional boners to fanboys. Kyungsoo has the largest number fanboys out of the whole of EXO due to his alluring cuteness that makes you want to shove him in a van and kidnap him. Kyungsoo has the ability to turn straight males to look at cocks in a different light.
"Why are all those guys covering their crotches?"
"Don't worry, it's only The Kyungsoo effect. Happens all the time"
by GET IN THE VAN June 18, 2013
Stage Name: D.O. One of the 12 sex gods of EXO. Lead Vocalist in EXO-K. His superpower in EXO is having the strength of a beast, which is ironic considering he has a baby face. Secretly in love with Kai, fellow member of EXO. Has the power to make fangirls cry the Han River with his orgasmic voice and his sexy English. He can also kill fangirls in an instant just by winking.
Me: I cried so much yesterday.
Friend: Why?
Me: I watched a video of Do Kyungsoo singing in English.
by loveechanyeol September 9, 2013
The main vocal of South Korea boygroup, EXO. He is the shortest one in EXO. He has a slender figure, round wide eyes with rich white color, pink heart shaped lips and super-cute face. His boyfriend is Park Chanyeol of EXO, the main rapper and the voice. They have been lovey dovey since predebut. Kyungsoo often visits Chanyeol's house. Chanyeol's mom likes Kyungsoo so much.
A: Do you know EXO?
B: Ya! I love EXO, especially Do Kyungsoo.
by beth91191 February 24, 2015