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Kway - to be far away from someone or something
Rah, are you sure you wanna linkher? Fam, she lives kwayyyy outta ends
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A nother way of saying kingsway usually referred to by the students on social media
I'm in eighth grade and go to KWAY
by Game mode 0 September 12, 2016
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Derived from Kweku or Kwaku, Abeeku name given to males born on Wednesday in West African country of Ghana.

Smooth ladies man who gets along with everyone. Usually well dressed and well spoken man. Visually attractive.
Kweku's name is Kway for short.
by James Spruel February 17, 2010
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Short for Kings Highway, an area in southern Brooklyn. It is located near three high schools (Midwood, Murrow and Madison) and the chipotle will always be filled with students from the three schools.
Student A- yo wyd after school???
Student B- we're going to kway, you should come!
Student A- Yeah , why not. Its only one stop away.
by nocloutgains September 16, 2018
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