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a school located in southern new jersey. consists of many different types of kids, all ranging from rich preps to druggies and alcholics. its rival school is clearview, and its mascot is a dragon. its football team is less than pathetic, but its marching band is amazing. other sports teams are okay, and they have a very good track team. its motto is : "once a dragon, always a dragon."
my parents moved me to (logan, woolwich, east greenwich, swedesboro, south harrison) so now im going to kingsway.
by a dragon . September 03, 2008
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Home of the dragons.So as big as this school is it's broke for some reason. There's a large range with people from all preppy white annoying girls to where some of them forget how to tie their damn shoes. But yet this school has the highest graduation rates how is that is the same question I ask. Well the football team is pathetic absolutely trash. People are full of themselves the boys are to much all they talk about is how many time "quote on quote" saying they get all the girls. And with the girls coming to school looking like feces was rubbed against their cheeks thinking they are cute when really they look like a pathetic clown. Last is this is not the best for a diversity school they all white preppy people. Mainly they part with the emo group, preppy group, spoiled group, or the wannabes hood group. They try to act hood when really knowing they live in a 2 story house with money not living in the actual ghetto places.
Home of the dragons Kingsway mascot is a dragon
by BadhBiddie01 March 03, 2017
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A rough council estate in Wellingborough (probably the 3rd roughest, Queensway being 2nd and Hemmingwell being 1st.) Priory Road, Abbey Road, Jubilee Crescent and Berrymoor Road are the roughest roads on the Kingsway estate.
by Cheasayyy June 14, 2019
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