1. A Filipino word meaning "brother" used as a respectful a way to address an older relative or non relative.

2. A female can also call someone "kuya" as a polite and subtle way to let them know they're not romantically interested.

3. The word "kuya" can be used on its own or before a name.

1. Kuya Mark is my biological brother, but Kuya John is just a neighbor.

2. Mom, I didnt leave this mess. It was Kuya!

3. Sorry, Kuya, I already have a boyfriend. Im not interested.
by redmaile June 11, 2020
A very cool person and hates wkeycooper and he is a cool person.

You are a kuya! If your reading this
Boy 1: You're a kuya!

Boy 2: Thanks

boy 2 is now awesome
by TotallyNotKuya November 26, 2020
1. A filipino term used as a sign of respect to an older male relative such as a brother, cousin, or family friend
2. A term that Charles detests because people only a year younger use it on him to make him feel older
Dang Kuya Charles you're old
by bernadette November 20, 2004
1. a tagalog word used to refer to an older male/older brother; can be used alone or with the subject's name attached at the end
2. can also be used to refer to one's boyfriend as a term of endearment
1. Kuya, can you drive me to school?
2. Person 1: Thank you so much for dinner, Kuya!
Person 2: What you mean,"Kuya"?
Person 1: You're my best friend, kuya
Person 2: We're dating
by babaeslalaki217 May 27, 2021
1)It's a tagalog word meaning, brother. Though many filipinos use it to call a guy older than them with respect, even if they're not relatives.

2)Furthermore, a girl can call someone "kuya" as to cockblock him, emphasizing that the guy is only a brother to her, nothing more.
1) I can call my kuya Francis anytime for advice.
2) When the girl Jon was talking to started calling him Kuya, he knew the she didn't want to be involved with him.
by mizz_carlyn May 12, 2006
Is what JON, FRANCIS & CHARLES are called by some women or a majority of women that they come across.

You call them Kuya because either:

1. They are really older than you.

2. You want make sure they know that you don't want to date them.

3. You're just flat out mean!!!
Everyone sitting at Belzhar's House and Jon comes through the door. All the females come after Jon screaming "KUYA KUYA JON!!!" Therefore, freaking out Jon.

Haha, you guys are the OFFICIAL kuyas.

Whats wrong man?

Angelo just hit me with a kuya.

by some anonymous IDIOT July 17, 2008