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Usually a name for girls. No offense but a Kurumi is usually Asian. She is really cute. She will be mean if you say something that offends her. She's usually nice to her friends. Kurumi doesn't care what anybody thinks of her. She doesn't think she's pretty even though a lot of people say she is. A Kurumi is a cute, nice, mean when needed girl who is very caring over her friends. So if you meet a Kurumi, hold on to her tight and never let go
Boy 1: Do you see that girl
Boy 2: Yeah, who is she?
Boy 1: Her name is Kurumi, she's so beautiful but she doesn't think so, I want to make her feel beautiful.
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by Animeboy3456 April 08, 2017
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A beeeeeitch dat wil maek u feel liek shit of u talk to her, and she also a psycho neogra
Nigs, u so kurumi!
Ay, don chalk bout her liek dat, cuz sheel drek yo ass
by CarlitoBangBang January 05, 2014
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