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1. A character from the television show Glee; a particularly evil cheerleading coach whose single goal in life is to destroy the glee club.

2. The subject of a series of Chuck Norris-esque jokes.
Sue Sylvester doesn't have a "ctrl" button on her computer, Sue Sylvester is always in control. OR There is no such thing as natural selection, only things Sue Sylvester allows to live.
by Gleeful Jay October 17, 2009
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Sue Sylvester is the coach of the cheerleading team at Mckinley High School and hates the Glee club because she thinks they are taking the funding away from her Cheerios. She especially does not like one Mr. Will Scuester, the Glee teacher and is always making fun of his hair, claiming whoever does his hair at whatever salon he spends all day at must hate him.
When considering what to get Sue for Christmas since he had drawn her name for Secret Santa, Will listed:
1.A Dog Robot
2.A Soul

By the way, EVERYONE got Sue Sylvester as their person for Secret Santa that year. She rigged it that way.
by MVgreen December 28, 2010
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