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A dapper young gentleman from the show Glee, who is part of the Dalton Warblers, an a Capella singing group. He is openly gay and currently dating Kurt Hummel. Has a penchant for jumping on furniture.
That Blaine Anderson is so dapper and ridiculously adorable I want to pince his cheeks.
by TheDapperSpork August 11, 2011
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A super hot and charming character on the popular TV show "Glee". He is an "out-and-proud" gay student at Dalton Academy and is in their glee group (the Warblers). He was introduced in the episode "Never Been Kissed" and, though he is currently just a mentor and good friend to Kurt, there's so much implication that he's going to be Kurt's boyfriend, it's not even funny.
Because Blaine Anderson sang with Kurt Hummel in a duet singing "Baby, It's Cold Outside", many fans are getting extremely impatient and just want them to kiss already.
by Phoenix Nykvist January 09, 2011
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