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When a women has the ability to make a man orgasm in a few seconds.

by JON M. S. May 29, 2003
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a technique used to subdue, clutch, or hold whatever it is clinging to. Mostly to drain it like a toothpaste tube when it is empty.
Me: Man...I was with this female lastnight, and while we were doing it she said, "do you like this?", and did a pelvic tightening move on my thang. Phew! Next thing you know I was shooting all over the place.

Homie: Oh, she used that ol 'kungfu grip' on you.
by the recipient of it June 15, 2009
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What your really really REALLY lonely friends possess. Obtained through many hours of solitary and dedicated training.
Whoa buddy, you need to get a girlfriend, thats quite a kung fu grip you got there.
by whitemale_98 January 06, 2005
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