A guy who loves to wank in a skrank with a skunk and a skank. Famous for the movie Kronk 2, the Kronkening.
-Do you want to take a Kronkerunk?
-Why are you saying Kronkwank in norwegian?
-Fuck you! I want to runk with Kronk
by NickPikk February 08, 2018
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To describe something as very bad , a bit ‘off’ and poorly. Just fucking shite tbh , u don’t want anything to be kronks but sometimes that’s life
That exam was absolute KRONKS - the exam didn’t go too well
by KRONKSINNIT July 06, 2018
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Kronk, masturbating and jacking someone else of the same gender off at the same time while shitting yourself and forcing the other person to eat your shit at the same time.
Dude what’d you do last night?”

“Performed the holy Kronk with a homie
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by Kronkrr April 12, 2020
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when you get so high you aren’t in your body and can’t feel your mouth.
guys i’m so kronk right now i can’t feel my lips and these aren’t my legs.
by crustydiscarge69 February 16, 2021
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A person who is easily annoyed or finds your jokes annoying. Commonly used as an insult or nickname. Add any adjective you desire in front of Kronk to add a kick. (Ex. Cranky Kronk)
Come on man don’t be such a Cranky Kronk! My jokes are hilarious!”
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by DillyDally567 November 18, 2018
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