Kristin is the type of girl that'll treat you with loyalty and respect and call you on your bs when she needs to shell always be there for you when you need her and though she can be difficult at times you still love her because that's what keeps it interesting she will always have you on your toes always keep you guessing what she is actually thinking and wants anyone that meets a kristin should always keep her and never let her go I know I'm not.
Kristin's are the most loyal and caring type of girl you can have in your life never let one go if you ever are lucky enough to find one put.
by Klij9 June 03, 2019
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She is the most beautiful girl you will ever know. She has a smile that will lighten up a room and eyes that will make your knees weak and your heart melt. She is always the most intelligent person in the room. She will never fail at turning your horrible day into the best day. Every time she walks into a room it instantly lightens up. She is the nicest person you will ever meet and has the most amazing personality. She is the sweetest and is the most incredible person alive. She’s just perfect in every way possible. Any body would be lucky to have her in there lives
Oh my, I wish I have a friend like Kristin!
by Cammy the Hammy February 22, 2020
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Kristin is very beautiful, she's always happy and blocks all of the negativity out of her life. If something is in her way, she always uses her hopefulness and determination to see the bright side of it. She's a natural leader, and when she loves someone, she will love them till the very end. She makes other girls want to be like her, and she makes other guys fall in love with her. She's usually chilling with her friends and always caring for them, no matter how much of a burden their friend could be. She's a loving person. Very artistic, fashionable, and has a fun personality. She'll make you want to stay next to her no matter what. She's one of the most inspirational and sexy people out there, please love Kristin no matter what.
Girl 1: I'm having a hard time..
Kristin: Please know that I'll comfort you and love you till the very end.
Girl 1: I love you, Kristin. Thanks so much.
by happylittlegirl August 09, 2019
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a Woman of confidence, that doesn't lack in beauty. Her teeth shine bright as white when she smiles, she sings like an angel, and she's sweet like candy. Every-time she talks, she seems to take my breathe away... The light glimpse from her eyes makes me daydream out of the world that you can't even imagine. Sometimes I feel like I could listen to her all day. The more you get to know her, you start to notice how perfect and unflawed she is. She is the definition of perfect, my perfect.
She is such a Kristin.
by cigarette daydreams March 29, 2020
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The most beautiful girl you'll ever meet! Kristin is stunning from the first time you see her and is sexy as hell, especially in b00bs ;) Unfortunately this is a problem whenever you go around public with her, as random strangers will catcall her annoyingly and make you a n g e r y. However, this is just a part of life for this strong, incredible girl and she's so used to it that she just ignores them at this point. This will only strengthen your admiration of her! You can go to her for ALL of your problems. Kristin will somehow know exactly what to say in response. Even her manner of speaking radiates sophistication and grace. She's going to end up on top one day and I know it, even though she wasn't born with the gift of being able to not study and ace tests, she's living proof that hard work overrules natural talent. You end up wondering how people like her can exist in the universe, she's aware that people hate her and she loves them anyway, she'll treat them just how she treats everyone else with a reasonable yet impossible rationale (why give them a reason to hate you more?) It's so rare to see someone like her who naturally gravitates towards loving EVERYONE. She is so supportive and a pure queen who doesn't need guys but she knows (And everyone knows) that she could get one if she wants, when she wants. She chooses her guys, not guys choose her. If you find a Kristin, keep her at all costs. You won't find another one like her again.
Girl: Ugh, I would give anything to be Kristin.
Girl's boyfriend: Too bad you aren't.
by theasianbearx June 11, 2018
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