kristin is beautiful, laughs a lot and loopy as hell. she is a cultz and defently should be blonde. she is a burrnett with beautiful blue eyes and is very athletic and tall. she can be smart sometimes. she is the hottest person i have ever met.
damn girl your fine as hell

"you must be a kristin"
by jhdkfhusdiyriueystf==== March 09, 2010
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A girl with a sense of attitude. Not a small girl, but deff not a tank. Likes serious relationships and loves when guys call her beautiful. Sometimes insecure, but not all the time. Knows what she wants in life.
Man, i want to be like kristin
kristin, she's the girl i'm looking for
by DICKS ARE YUMM April 29, 2011
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A brown skinned urban goddess. Intelligent, Beautiful, and Interesting, Kristin can be a man's upbringing as well as his downfall.
He thought no one to be as beautiful as Kristin.
by Darell January 31, 2008
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A nice, sweet, AMAZING, beautiful girl. She is the best aunt/sister in the whole entire world. She loves her niece so much! She is also a nice angel who smells like ROSES!!!!!!
Me: Hey I love you!
via giphy
by BOBBYJOE11 September 29, 2018
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Some people are just amazing, like Kristin. She is the most wonderful and perfectful person in the whole wide world. She often has dark hair and grey/greenish eyes. Everyone wants to be like Kristin. Kristin is amazing at dancing and she is often born on the later half of the year. She is a cute short girl with a funny kind of humor. Kristin hates drama. She is just so amazing, seriously who do not want to be like her?
Friend: wow, is that Kristin who is dancing?
Friend 2: yes, isnโ€™t she magical?
by Heretowritedefinations October 26, 2019
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