medium length, dark brown kinky hair, 5'4, brown eyes, can be white as a bitch, can be dark as a bitch, loves the color red, favorite food is burgers, favorite drink is coffee, favorite animal is owls, in love with music but doesn't express feelings for it often, can be quiet one second and loud the next, very friendly, can be as sweet as candy or as mean as the devil, don't get on her bad side, talks super quick.
Girl: "Kristin is very friendly, we don't deserve her sis."
Girl #2: "Yeah! She talks super quick man, i understand all of it."
by namingkidsfromschool May 31, 2019
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A beautiful girl who is a bit shy & likes to wear puffy shirts.
Known for making killer strudels and sarcastic remarks.
"Damn that strudel was tasty"
"Must have been a Kristin strudel"
by Semaj Sar January 26, 2009
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A beautiful girl that is a cause for many problems. Has the tendency to drive a man crazy. Flirts with anything that has a nice face and a penis. Extremely smart but doesn't show it often.
Dude, is Noah dating a Kristin?

Nah, i heard it's just complicated.
by mr. termsofservice July 01, 2010
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The girl that everyone loves, she's beautiful, charming, and a real go getter. Not many people can handle her though because she tends to be brutally honest and hyper beyond belief. However, Kristin is amazing and is as beautiful as a goddess... better yet... she is a goddess. Be like kristin.
Kristin is who I want to be like, she's such a goddess.
by Winningallthetime December 19, 2016
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some one who cant frown, is blonde, bubbly, laughs a lot is silly and very athletic
that kristin is so funny
by brie bee February 11, 2009
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a language used by someone who wants sex, used to turn people on.
i wanted to bone her, so i talked kristin.
by fawnsworth bentley II May 25, 2007
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The best little sister in the whole wide world, who makes everyone smile and whose name BUSTS CAPS. She deserves all the cuppycakes in the whole wide world, and her big brother promises not to make her eat pumpkin.
"Wow, you're totally awesome, but you could never be as great as Kristin!"
by DannyContradict July 10, 2008
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