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A girl who is gorgeous, and a total sweetheart. She's got everything a guy could ask for.
My girlfriend's alright, but she's not Kristie.
by snoboardalways April 24, 2006
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The most beautiful wonderful girl you'll ever meet Aka perfect. She's a strong person who's never wrong. She's very wise and trusting. She's always there to help others and need. Not to mention she's all the rage with guys. Everyone wants to date her but she only gets the best.
Witness:I look up to Kristie
Witness 2: She saved my life
Witness 3: Damn her boobs are nice *drool*
Witness 4: She's so sweet,never mean!
by kristiekookiez December 03, 2014
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loveable person, cute smile, but will rape you for candy.
Kristie distracted me with her beautiful smile and raped me because I have a lollipop in my hand.
by lieah November 10, 2007
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Kristie is a very expressive person with people she trusts. She can be a hilarious person and can make you laugh even if you've had a mental breakdown. She loves making you laugh and is usually happy. If she's not, then you know it immediately. She can be very intimidating to people who don't know her, but once you do, you will love her always. She loves hearing compliments, even if she doesn't believe them and will hurt you if you hurt the ones you love. If someone she loves is hurt, she will find the cause and get rid of them for good. Or as well as she can. She loves Pootos.
Blond hair bitch: Kristie, what are you doing?
Kristie: Something. *To friend* It's a Pooto!!
Friend: MOOOM
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The most beautiful, amazing, life touching girl-woman you will ever meet on this planet. Or any other planet, or universe, or galaxy. Ever.
Person 1: See that girl?
Person 2: Yeah, man.
Person 1: She's a Kristie.
Person 2: Uh-huh, I'd fuck her.
Person 1: ... *waits* Me too.
by Asian Kid DS July 17, 2009
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a calm girl who loves reading and writing and never asks for help.
Kristie went to the library all by herself to read alone.
by squidward1111 August 27, 2008
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A pretty no gourgeous girl that has a loveable smile and pairs up good with Tony's
Kristie is so hot she will be mine one day
by Jhonny b January 23, 2017
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