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(Acronym) Knowledge, Respect, Success. Capital K little r Capital S. It's True meaning is a way of life. "Obtain Great Knowledge, demand a little Respect, & Huge Success will follow." Its orgin is from the Bronx, New York. SEE ALSO KooL KrS (Acronym) Keep on obtaining Love, Knowledge, Respect, Success
I live my life Epitomizing the phrase KrS. All you need is a little more KrS in your life and you will be golden
by LL KooL KrS February 04, 2010
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Only a type of human being who lives their life in a lie. Destined to be a NATURAL failure. KrS is a person who also desperately needs attention and sympathy from all those around them. The feature of a KrS is a feature ONLY a MOTHER could love. Thats if a KrS even had a caring mother the BEGIN with..
Well son, you are ONLY 25, so I am going to name you KrS from now on....
by Dirty Shanchezz September 09, 2010
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