To agree or to follow along. Great for when texting and usually used at the end of a conversation.
Woman-Hey I just wanted to let you know u were hilarious tonight. Man-Kr
by @NFM August 16, 2019
sloaney abbreviation for The King's Road, London
OMG, I got nicest skirt from ADhoc on the kr today.
by Ally April 16, 2005
K = Korean
R = Reject

Korean Reject

Basically when someone tries super hard to look like a Korean popstar, but immensely fails at it. (Most are fobs who attempt it.)
Ew, look at that KR. What is he wearing and his hair?!? OMG. What a KR.
by tiredoftheKRs December 31, 2013
(Acronym) Knowledge, Respect, Success. Capital K little r Capital S. It's True meaning is a way of life. "Obtain Great Knowledge, demand a little Respect, & Huge Success will follow." Its orgin is from the Bronx, New York. SEE ALSO KooL KrS (Acronym) Keep on obtaining Love, Knowledge, Respect, Success
I live my life Epitomizing the phrase KrS. All you need is a little more KrS in your life and you will be golden
by LL KooL KrS February 4, 2010
short for kroner or norwegian kroner (NOK) wich is the currency in Norway.
by littleBA December 10, 2005
just stop searching it.. u cant define him in words GTFO
u cant use kr$ in ur frickin example
by biatch6969 February 23, 2021
Abbreviation for the term kite runner
past tense - kr'd
Hassan got kr'd by Assef
by k-pow!!! August 19, 2008