Man1: Dude do you want to go to this party on Friday?
Man2: No K, I got plans with my girlfriend.
by cage14 August 01, 2015
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1.not o.k.,under your breath, used when someone won't stop nagging until they hear yes or o.k.
2. no way, as if.
boss:"you are going to have to stay late and take care of stuff so I can go out and party now."
boss:"great, thanks man!"
then they both leave
by Simone L.Jackson August 11, 2006
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A gay Russian, devoid of any intelligence whatsoever, that uses the mating call chia waaa
Noks: (rap) My name is Noks, I got da cocks, I take em down to da docks
by waaa February 04, 2005
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A gay Russian wannabe rapper, who enjoys rapping in a Russian accent. Is also a white supremacist, communist bastard. See also Mukhanov
Wow, Noks is the gayest person I know.
by Captain Nemo February 14, 2005
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