1. Used by Gay people in comment section when they have nothing to comment

2.When a hypothetical thing happens
Greg: That was crazy. Thank God I am an atheist
Kowalski Analysis
by Elderly Bitch October 31, 2018
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The sexual act of fingering someones ass and instead of performing the famous "Dirty Sanchez",which is wiping your finger across the others top lip,you wipe your figer across your own top lip.
Hey Tony,I was finger banging this girl in the ass last night, and I was so drunk,instead of giving her a "Dirt Sanchez", I gave myself a Dirty Kowalski"!It wasnt good!
by REO Speed Dealer January 11, 2008
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Something my retard brother named zunkerduke says all the time
Who is Ceeday, Kowalski Analysis, Irrelevant
by Your Nan's Mom December 10, 2018
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A gamer on Xbox live know to say the most random things at anytime and vote to have one of the most sacristies Laughs online is believe to be Japanese but oddly speaks perfect English can be found playing online on GTA IV, Froza Motorsport 3,left 4 dead 1 & 2, any Naruto game or with his clan on Modern Warfare 2.
(Random L4D 2 game)
Cs x Kowalski : " in the mall " ok were on three and lets see there the food court there and ....
Random gamer : come on man ... " jump by hunter " GET HIM OFF OF ME ! ! !
Cs x Kowalski : " sinister laugh and kills it " stop messing around i need to get some jeans

Random gamer: thanks and stop doing that laugh you freaking me out.
Cs x Kowalski: ok let go
by Landmark23 January 2, 2010
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When four ethnic men, one of which is Italian, hold you under a shower head, while the shower is running and while you are unconscious, and have there way with you.
Dude, at that party last night, Steve got a Kowalski Shower.
by Tyzentar November 20, 2011
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A large female that had doubled her size. She is an avid attender of Whalesfest. Somehow despite her size she is a whore and also steals peoples boyfriends. Not to mention she is the biggest bitch and she uses people. You only hear from her when she wants something that you have. She is not your friend because she likes you she is your friend because you have something she wants. She ruins everything and always complains and thinks she is the shit when she clearly is not but people are afraid to say something to her because of fear they will be sat on and killed. Drama starter
I thought she was my friend but she just used me like a tiff kowalski
by Iris the Syrus August 7, 2011
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