The sexual act of fingering someones ass and instead of performing the famous "Dirty Sanchez",which is wiping your finger across the others top lip,you wipe your figer across your own top lip.
Hey Tony,I was finger banging this girl in the ass last night, and I was so drunk,instead of giving her a "Dirt Sanchez", I gave myself a Dirty Kowalski"!It wasnt good!
by REO Speed Dealer January 11, 2008
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Dirty Kowalski- when you piss on your hand n wipe it under someone’s nose; similar to the “dirty Sanchez” however with urine instead of feces
Dude, I just sprayed my hand at the urininal n gave that bitch a Dirty Kowalski.
by Ortho 13 January 13, 2018
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