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Kortney is a very important, special, and pretty girl. She will always be by your side depending on what you are to her. Also if she has a lover she would never break their heart and will dub anyone for you. She is a caring sweet girl and loves to be cool with everyone but if yu do something that really ticks her off she may never forgive you🤷🏽 ♀️. This girl will bless your life and will always have your back in any situation and if you need advice or anything of that source she will be there for you and will always put a smile on your face. She will always tell you the truth if you her real friend and she owns up to you but sometimes she has no filter depending on how she's feeling.
Hey did your hear about that girl Kortney i heard that she is beautiful , amazing , and loyal .
by Gloriouslisous March 14, 2017
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The greatest girlfriend in the world. Many people have girlfriends with the name Kourtney, Courtney, Cortney, but the very few, lucky ones get the one spelled Kortney.
Man, I really love Kortney.
by The Gagemeister February 26, 2009
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Kortney is the type of girl every guy deserves to have a chance with. She is loyal, supportive, and will always be there for you!!! She tends to have no filter, so she will always tell you the truth on how she feels about something. Once she falls for a guy, it takes her quite some time to get over them. She will always be there to give you the best advice!
You always need a Kortney in your life!
by Ashley0174 October 19, 2018
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A girl who has a dark past. She has a hard time getting through the day and has extreme anxiety. She is often taken avantage of and mentally abused by her 'friends'. If she falls in love she falls hard and has a hard time getting over it. If you break her heart you will often regret it because she is an amazing, friendly, beautiful, but sad girl. She will take her smile until it becomes too much and if she explodes, the best to do is forgive her.
"Is Kortney okay? She's smiling but her eyes have lost her sparkle..."

"I think I did something.. but she hasn't told me what."
"That's Kortney for you, always putting everyone before her..."
by Littlepuppy1123 May 18, 2018
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