A woman who you can either lust, or love. She is easy to lust. All men, and even most women, can't help but turn their heads as she passes by... If you lust her the sound of her voice will stun you, the sight of her beauty will blind you, the taste of her lips will poison you, her fragrant scent will send you into a coma, and the warmth of her touch will cripple you... for she can magnetize all 5 senses.
She is not an easy woman to love, but if you are one of the lucky few to love her, then life becomes much more than the 5 senses. She will strip you of any armor that you may have, leaving you feeling vulnerable and unsure... until the sound of her voice awakens you, until the sight of her beauty opens your eyes, until the taste of her lips heals you, until her fragrant scent gives you a high, and until the warmth of her touch gives you life... only then do you feel the sixth sense of Love. She becomes your armor, she becomes your life. She will re-define everything you thought the meaning of the word Love is to you. She is very beautiful to behold.
I experienced life the best way you can... with Cortney.
by have a few February 7, 2010
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Cortney is too many times mistaken as Courtney, Kourtney, etc. Cortney is kind and loving, though may have some opposing thoughts on why the color red is favorable. She is a fun person, and a great companion when it comes to it. She's fun loving, and artistic in more than one sense. Don't bug a Cortney or she might freak out on you (req. citation). Cortney's tend to have beautiful eyes and smiles, and damn-soft hair. When you encounter a Cortney DO NOT try flirting, she won't be interested, but she'll be friendly. Act as a friend but don't hide your self, you want to be as much of you as possible. Though you might not succeed in wooing her, you can end up as great friends with a good future.
Guy: "Hey, Cortney"
Cortney: "Hey {guy}"
Guy: "Beautiful weather here, though you're much nicer to be with"
Cortney: *Looks a little uncomfortable* "Ummm, thanks"
Guy: *Feeling stupid* "Wait, that didn't make much sense"
Cortney: *Playfully* "I noticed, though you shouldn't try too hard to think about it, you might get a headache"
by Xenospheric Enterprise August 13, 2011
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The girl who all men want and all women want to be. Amazingly smart, funny, and beautiful. She will redefine you and give your thumbs a workout. She's like an m&m. Hard outer coating but once you get through that you can see the sweet interior. She brightens every room she walks in and makes any occasion a good one. Being around her will give you a high like no amount of drugs can. Caring for her can be like trench warfare but is completely worth it.
by kyle8293 February 26, 2010
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The beautiful girl who has tons of friends! Never seen without a smile and without a laugh! Doesn't care what people think of her and is all around amazing. She is lovely and loves to read. They are great and they don't go through a day without making everyone around them laugh their butts off just with what she says. Being friends with her is one of the greatest things anyone can do. If you know someone who is a Cortney, then you are very lucky!!
Person 1: "OMG! She is amazing! Does anyone know who that is?"

Person 2: "I know, she is great! Her name is Cortney!"
by Reader101 March 18, 2013
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Cortney, a woman that will shake your foundation when you meet her. She is the type of person that makes everyone feel welcome. She has no enemies only friends. Cortney is kind and loving. Cortney is the type of person that you can’t help but be around. She is sweet and loving. If you are one of the lucky One to love her back then the your world will be better for it. If by chance you are a guy that get to put a ring on a Cortney’s finger thing you have accomplished something people have only dreamed about. For a Cortney is not easy to impress. But if you are lucky then she will be yours forever no matter what happens you have a teammate for life.
Man- what’s that one girl that makes everyone feel amazing.

Friend- that’s cortney.
Man- that’s right! She is the best!
Friend- yeah, someday I will merry that girl.

Man- you will try!

Friend- I have already done so.
by Eggshire December 16, 2017
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Cortney is sometimes shy but you don't want to be on her bad side. She will beat the shit out of you. Once you get to know her. Her confidence is out of this world. Cortney is intelligent,beautiful, badass, thicc, unique and the most dependable. She beautiful but doesn't know it. Cortney has a lot of friends. She will turn the men/boys down in a heartbeat...most of the time. Cortney is a great companion when it comes to it she will do anything for you but she doesn't take any mess. If you want to leave she will be there to show you the door. She is fun loving and caring. She will be there for you. Cortney can be the shoulder you can cry on. You can tell her anything. She is definitely one you need to treat right and keep close to you. If you know a Cortney you are very lucky.
Cortney is amazing you need to get to know her 😍
by Cortneybessssfraannnnn August 10, 2019
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n. celebrity the girl form of "courtney" she usually is an absolutey beautiful young woman in every way possible. she is gorgeous, her mind is sharp as a blade and her vocabulary and easy command of the english language both astounds and impresses, further she has the most wonderful personality you could ever ask for in a girl. she is kind to her man and would do anything for him that she loves she is faithful and no man need ever wonder about her. she is the absolute perect girl to have if you are into smart pretty girls and serious relationships. do not be alarmed if she goes mysteriously silent after youve said somthing stupid, shes just hurt and shes trying not to say anything because even though you may have broken her heart 1000 times she would never want to hurt you. she isnt weak tho, quite to the contrary hers is the inner strength of a lioness, this on top of phenomenal beauty and astounding intelligence make her one to be respected and never taken for granted.
hey man do you see that girl? shes such a cortney id love to get with her
by thatother8.1.10kid June 20, 2011
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