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Arabic name meaning guidence.
The Qur'an is the Hoda for all of mankind.
by Maryam April 18, 2005
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Culturally superior
Ancestors of Europeans (The Persian language is an Indo-european language that branched off from the same language as some Europes today)
Arian (Iran comes from Arian)
A Persian has or will beat you in a sport, a test, university entrance, and the job market.
From Pars tribe
Persians are the most successful minority group in the US:
"According to the 2002 census, Iranian-Americans are the most educated minority group in the US: 69% hold bachelor degrees or above and 28% hold graduate degrees. Iranian-Americans are the founders of some 380 major national firms, and CEOs of more than 550 national companies, many of them among the Fortune 2,000 companies. Our total contribution to the US economy is estimated at more than $600 billion."
by Maryam January 15, 2004
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The sacred text of Islam, considered by Muslims to contain the revelations of God as a guidence for humankind.
The Koran is a varient of Quran or Qur'an (spelled different ways).
by Maryam April 18, 2005
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