nslang, equivalent to dick,cock.
/male sexual organ. Origin : Bahasa Indonesia
your kontol is big
by James Simatupang May 13, 2003
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An Indonesian taboo or adult word meaning a penis. In Javanese language 'kontol' originally means scrotum or testis.
"Masak udah jadi ibu ibu, bersuami dan beranak masih cari kontol?!" (How come?! She has a husband and children still look for a kontol. At least when she browses, chats, .. Penis, Dick, Prick, testis, ..
by Jokos April 02, 2010
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Something like snake with hair, its very poisonic
Lucinta luna have a kontol, but she pretend dont have
by JohnQntl January 12, 2019
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