Kookaburra, can be confused with a species of bird that is native to Australia. It can also mean blow job, head job or felatio as the sounds of the kookaburra strongly resembles that of a woman vigorously performing felatio. .
Scored a wild kookaburra last night and couldn't help shooting my load down the back of her throat
by Sixamenos October 2, 2018
A name Manitoba Smith, one of Mike's personalities, calls Scott after finding him cheating in episode two of Total Drama: All stars.
...Do not know the actual meaning. :c
"What're you up to, Kookaburra?"
by The Malevolent One December 5, 2013
n., v.

n.: an Australian bird, most commonly found in gum trees.

v.: the act of laughing
1) Kookaburra sits in the old gum tree. Merry king of the wood is he! Laugh kookaburra laugh! Kookaburra gay your life must be!

2) She was so into kookaburra it drove me insane!
by Pretty Emily August 2, 2004
An act of getting the cotton from your boxers/underwear tangled in the hair in your nether-region or the inside of your leg. It is almost impossible to untangle and unbearably painful to rip out.
I got a new pair of boxers today and the cotton came loose and now I've got a nasty amount of kookaburras.
by jeffreythejew June 17, 2008
Another word for OK in Flynn’s dictionary and vocabulary. Say this to someone to seem cooler
Damn you’re an Oklahoma Kookaburra”- Someone who isn’t an Oklahoma Kookaburra
by Shrek's Large Toe December 20, 2018
Someone that is awake all night making noise & partying.

Nocturnal = awake at night, sleeps by day
Kookaburra = an Australian bird that makes a lot of noise
Go to stop making noise and go to sleep you nocturnal kookaburra.
by Michael Michael Michael April 1, 2008